Success through know-how

ue to many years of experience and quality standards, we have been and are still significantly involved in many Projects as an important supplier for military vehicles as an important supplier. The wide range of our products and services always comes into play.

Hull construction

Probably the most spectacular field of activity of Jungenthal Wehrtechnik is the hull construction. We combine armor steel castings and rolled plates to complex and innovative hulls which meet the highest demands on tolerances, durability and protection. We have been doing this successfully since the 1960s. Bergepanzer 2, Fuchs, Wiesel or even Leopard hulls were manufactured in Kirchen and are still in service today. A special proof of the quality and reliability of our competences in this field.

Winch systems

In addition to the hull production, winch systems and gearboxes are developed and manufactured in particular for support vehicles. Today, JWT is an important partner of the defense industry and public clients. We also use our potential in the repair of assemblies for recovery equipment, brake systems, tanks and running gears. For example, our main winches, cable tensioning devices and transfer gearboxes are used in the Bergepanzer 2 based on the Leopard 1. For all our components, we naturally also assume service responsibility over the entire service life.

Running gear

One of the traditional fields of JWT is the (further) development and advancement, production and repair of running gear components especially for tracked vehicles. We are an approved manufacturer e.g. of arm assemblies components, e.g. for the Leopard 2 and 1 family, the M113 or WIESEL. Whether swinging arms, guide wheel swinging arms or other components – JWT is competently at your side to realize new repairs, upgrades or programs.

System maintenance

In addition to components, JWT has repeatedly qualified for the repair of complete vehicle systems, especially for the German Bundeswehr. Decisive for this success are the high quality standards as well as a motivated team that delivers top performance day after day. Our flexible orientation enables a customer-oriented and reliable handling of the work. The cooperation with official equipment suppliers and subsystem integrators completes the 360 degree service.

Special projects

The fulfillment of individual requirements is our top priority. Here, JWT uses its entire range of expertise to provide customers with specialized solutions and products, even and especially in small quantities.