About us


n 1885, the foundation stone was laid. Under the roof of his father’s old wool weaving mill, Arnold Jung founded the “Lokomotivfabrik Jung & Staimer” together with Christian Staimer to produce steam locomotives in Kirchen. A short time later, the company was renamed “Arnold Jung Lokomotivfabrik”, and locomotives from Kirchen became an export success. Steady growth led to the imposing halls and property structure of our facility that still exists today.

Since the 1950s, the company – now known as Jung Jungenthal – has been involved in the development and manufacture of military vehicles and components. The experience from Kirchen can be found in systems reliably used worldwide such as the Leopard 1, Leopard 2, TPz Fuchs or the Wiesel as well as the ARV / AEV WiSENT 2.

Today, JWT is a leading company in the field of hull construction for military tracked vehicles and also a manufacturer and repairer of a wide range of assemblies for customers worldwide. Our high vertical integration, together with reliable local partners, leads to flexible and customer-oriented solutions.